Electrical Automation & Controls

Bringing your facility to life.

Optimize Your facility

We specialize in providing dependable control systems that enable facilities to easily automate, manage, monitor, and optimize the performance of their refrigeration system.

Our turnkey integration includes custom design, fabrication, installation, startup, commissioning, and support.

Electrical automation & Controls Services

North American controls are built in a UL certified panel shop:

  • System automation with programmable logic controllers
  • Touch screen and remote interface for convenient operator access and control of variable speeds for compressors, condensers, and fans,  compressor sequencing,  water and ammonia levels,  motorized valves and variable speed drives, defrost cycles, chillers, and pump out.
  • Around the clock monitoring of data for  pressure alarms, vessel levels, refrigeration motor status and ammonia detection, zone temperatures along with temperature and pressure trending, and energy usage.
  • Automated energy management of suction and discharge optimization, recipe controls, variable temperature setback, load shedding, and power factor correction.
  • Built-in offline operational capabilities
  • Delivery of all electrical schematics, field wiring drawings, PLC, and HMI programs